Admin Course Content

Day 1

Day 1 also covers the physical needs of the ARF client. This will include infection control, activity programs, self-care and promotion of independence. Other topics include special diets, hygiene, utilization of outside resources, clothing and assistance, bowel and bladder, urinary incontinence and adult abuse. Also covered is the admission process for a resident in an ARF, pre-admission assessment, needs and service plan, interview process, admission agreement, reassessment of a resident. The afternoon session will cover the community support services to support the ARF resident.

Day 2

Day 2 continues with information on medication use, misuse and interactions and communication with physician and pharmacy. Documentation, administration and side effects will be covered. Day 2 also covers management and supervision of staff.

Day 3

Day 3 of the 35 Hour Initial Certification Program introduces students to Laws and Regulations in a Adult Residential Facility. This segment covers Title 22, Division 6, Chapter 6. Policies and Procedures of Adult Residential Facilities. Students will learn ARF requirements, administrative responsibility and accountability. Other topics covered include personal rights, the basic and optional services provided, client funding sources and the physical plant.

Day 3 also covers how to manage aggressive and disruptive behavior among residents by teaching staff non-violent and effective behavioral techniques. The class will cover staff attitudes and reactions to clients, as well as, the involuntary commitment process.

Day 4

Day four continues with the structure of ARF business operations including marketing. Day 4 is also focusesed on the psycho-social needs of the resident including the adjustment process, psycho-social appraisal, learning the family dynamics, and functional and behavioral characteristics. Dealing with difficult and inappropriate resident behavior, staff response and coping techniques with difficult residents is covered.