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April 2014
Medication Practices Dietary Needs

May 2014
Adult Residential Certification-New Administrators
Personal Rights Incident Reporting
HIV AIDS TB - Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Menu Planning - Dietary Needs Quality Assurance

June 2014
Adult Residential Certification-New Administrators
Reducing Negative Behaviors - Self Injury
Personal Rights Incident Reporting

2 Hour CEU Series
Bipolar Disorder: Up And Down
Its A Free Country: Rights and Responsibillities
Nutrition and Lifestyle
Break With Reality
Sexual Abuse of Developmentally Disabled

Alzheimers Dementia: Tangles, Music and Hope
06 Hours
Autism: Assessment History and Treatment
06 Hours
Down Syndrome Across The Life Span
04 Hours
HIV AIDS TB Training
04 Hours
Values and Normalization Love, Work and Play
04 Hours

How Do I Renew My Administrator Certificate

90 days prior to the expiration of your Administrator Certificate you will receive correspondence from the Department of Social Services that includes the Application for Administrator Recertification (LIC 92513).

Community Care Licensing Regulations: Re-certification
You must complete 40 hours of continuing education from an approved vendor during the 2 year period following initial certification. 20 hours may be online. The renewal fee is $100.00 payable to the Department of Public Social Services. If you do not renew on time, you are subject to a fine of $200.00 well as the $100.00 renewal fee. If you wait more than 4 years from the date that

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your Initial Administrator Certificate expires, you will be required to take the Initial Administrator Certification Program again and pass the State Administrator Test.


The following are my favorite free day trips in Los Angeles to take clients on. Pack a lunch and enjoy the day!

1. Griffith Park- Griffith park is one of the largest parks in LA. Bring a picnic with the clients and if everyones up for it, maybe a quick hop to the zoo would be a good idea.

2. The Beach- Better go quick cause the summers almost over. The beach is also a great place to have a picnic. Encourage clients

to fly kites, or build sand castles. The Beach is a win situation for larger groups.

3. The Getty- Let everyone be an art connoisseur for the day. Enjoy the gardens and maybe go to one of the galleries. Museums are a great place to take clients because it gives one a sense of

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inclusion in society.

4. Palisades Park- Another beach day your home should consider. This beautiful park overlooking the ocean is right next to the pier and the Third Street Promenade. Grab some Frisbees and enjoy the day!

5. Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve- In Van Nuys there is a place where you’d never guess you were in the valley. Great bird watching and walks that everyone will enjoy.

If these don’t sound like your group home’s cup of tea, click here and take a look at the top one hundred things to do in Los Angeles for free by the Official Guide Los Angeles.

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Here are ways to counteract negative statements that may hurt the self esteem of people with developmental disabilities. If you are running a home sometimes it is hard to focus

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on niceties. Here are a few negative statements you should watch out for and try to counteract.

Do not say:

1. Stop being so rude.

2. Everyone needs to stop talking now.

3. Why aren’t you listening to me Billy, I already told you when the movie starts!

4. I am not going to tell you again Billy!

5. When will you ever learn.

6. You Just don’t care

Try to counteract negative statements like the ones above with positive statements:

1.“Remember Billy, we can all watch the movie together at 5.”

2.“Why don’t we all get ready to watch the movie and have some quiet time.”

3. Start a conversation, figure out why the person is being rude and try to fix the problem.

4.Try to stay away from

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negating what they have to say.

5. Try not to undermine their wants and needs as not being important.

6. Do not tell them how they should feel.

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Sometimes things do not go as planned when it comes to meal times, and a person with impulsive behavior may act

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in unforeseen ways, including refusing to eat. Here are five steps to take in case a food refusal crisis occurs,

  1. Rule out any medical conditions that may cause the client to not have an appetite
  2. Try to accommodate any food needs, sometimes a request may be simple
  3. Try to have a positive attitude and atmosphere during mealtimes
  4. Give clients a choice, so they feel in control of their food decisions
  5. When a food refusal crisis occurs have options in mind and steps to take that will work specifically for the client in question

Keep these tips in mind for the

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next time a client refuses to eat. Always go into refusal issues like this with a positive mindset.

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